jeff thorburn, photographer.

past instant gratification

Posted in polaroids by Jeff on May 28, 2012

While passing through Winnipeg, Jess found an SX-70 camera folded up on a shelf at an antique shop. Along the road to Fredericton, I found out about The Impossible Project, which was still in it’s infancy. I ordered some of their new instant film, paid way to much to have it shipped, and it arrived in Fredericton from Germany around the same time we did. By the time we got back to Calgary, it was available in most camera stores.Christy McCormickCranes at Chinook.

 Jessica Duchin.

 The author.

 Drew Merriman.

 Mac Kirby.

 Ben Blundell.

Chapeau and Jessica.

 Finn Thorburn.

 Finn Thorburn.

 My boy and I.

 Finn and his homemade mobile.

 Drew Merriman, Riley Boland, Kevin Lowry.

 Evan Podiluk.

 Coulten Huber.

 Sean MacAlister.


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