jeff thorburn, photographer.

New Brunswick

Posted in photos by Jeff on March 8, 2012

Some photos of our family trip home to New Brunswick this past January…

Toronto Pearson Airport

Grampy and Finn.

Alex LeBlanc.

Familiar pose.

Relics in the ramp.

WW Boyce Farmers Market.

Kyle Thorburn and Jessica Duchin.


Rims and records.


Barn cave.



Sunshine Diner.

Saint John.

Loyalist House.

Either down or up.

Stop there.

Beating me to the punch by about two months.

Foggy harbour.

Reversing Falls.

Reversing Falls, Saint John.

Saint John, New Brunswick.

Carleton Martello Tower. Saint John, New Brunswick.

Dinner Date.

Eric at Backstreet Records, Fredericton.

Mixing cookie dough with Nana.

Surveying the snowfall.

Tickling the ivories at the Kelly-Green house.


Brian Muir at East Side Board Supply.


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