jeff thorburn, photographer.

some guys out there doing some skating, awhile back.

Posted in skateboarding by Jeff on September 28, 2011

Alex Gavin. Frontside Flip.

Andy Lockhart. Frontside Crooked Grind.

Ben Blundell. Backside Heelflip.

Ben Blundell. Frontside Grind.

 Dustin Henry. Backside Ollie.

 Geoff Strelow. Frontside Boardslide.

Jed Anderson. Backside 50-50.

 Jed Anderson. Backside Tailslide.

 Mike Vince. Switch Smith Grind.

John Ferns. Backside 50-50.

Riley Boland. Drop-in.

 Riley Boland. Frontside Wallride.

Riley Boland. Stalefish.






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